FairTax / Tax Reform

Jeff strongly believes that our present federal income tax system penalizes the productivity and hard
work of Georgians and all Americans. Jeff believes strongly in the abolishment of the IRS and
replacing the current tax code with the FairTax. He is a proponent of tax simplification on all


Jeff believes that the role of government in business should be to create an environment that
encourages entrepreneurship and business growth by reducing or eliminating obstacles and expensive,
burdensome regulations. Jeff’s many years of business experience, both at the corporate level and
as a small business owner/operator, puts him in a unique position to help Southeast Georgians, and the
local economy in general, grow and prosper.


Jeff is a strong proponent of the sanctity of life and believes that life begins at the moment of

Pro-2nd Amendment

Jeff is and always has been a strong supporter of groups like the NRA,, and other
groups who promote the Constitutional right to bear arms.

Rights of Individuals, Local and State Governments

Jeff believes that state government should respect the rights of local governments by not usurping
local government authority, and he believes that the Federal government has exceeded its
Constitutional authority by forcing laws and regulation upon the states and individuals.

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