2019-2020 Legislative Agenda (Proposed)


Photo Courtesy: NASA - NASA images show the polution impact Florence had on coast.

  1. Coal Ash Pond Dewatering; require public notice prior to dewatering; 2018’s bill – HB879 voted out of House 169-3; passed out of Senate NR&E committee; Senate never brought bill for vote.
  2. Coal Ash Solid Waste Landfill storage - minimum siting standards and prior public notice for new MSW coal ash storage; 2018’s bill – HB880; never granted a House NR&E sub or full committee vote
  3. Stop issuing GA “Drivers Licenses” to individuals without “lawful status” to be in US or GA; per DDS, 50,000 such licenses have been issued in GA; replace with “Driver Courtesy Card”; 2018’s bill – HB484; never granted a House hearing.
  4. Out of State Cash Wire Transfer Fees - collect a fee for out-of-state cash wire transfers targeting drug dealers, gamblers, human traffickers and others who hide cash; $100 million projected net revenue, with no cost to Georgia taxpayers; propose dedicating revenue to supplement local law enforcement pay; 2018’s bill – HB66; never granted a House committee hearing.
  5. Georgia’s Open Meeting Act - strengthen to clearly define that the “final” meeting agenda must be posted one full week prior to the meeting; establish clear provisions on adding “emergency items” to the agenda; 2018’s bill – HB1040.
  6. State Owned Property in McIntosh & Long Counties; significant loss of tax revenue; counties not being properly remunerated; working to increase DNR budget to replace lost revenue to counties or find other avenues to replace lost local property tax revenue.
  7. Teacher Out-of-Pocket School Supplies Tax Credit– change current tax deduction of $250 to a tax credit of $250; estimated impact of $25 million to Georgia budget; 2017’s bill – HB13
  8. GA Oyster Aquaculture Production - Promote growth of commercial oyster production; currently, commercially sold oysters must be wild grown & harvested; change code/regulations to allow farm grown oyster aquaculture and to allow out-of-state importation of Oyster Spat; DNR Commissioner Williams & Department of Ag Commissioner Gary Black are fully behind the initiative; legislation is currently being drafted.

Revised September 19, 2018 - Download PDF Copy

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  • Paula Parker
    commented 2018-09-27 14:50:01 -0400
    My husband and I went to Mr. Jones with an issue. He listened to our problem and immediately looked into the issue. We tried eight months to get things moving on this matter. Mr Jones had things resolved in just a few weeks. Thank you Jeff Jones!