House coal ash bills begin committee journey

Feb 21, 2017

Putting Georgia’s own coal ash controversies into the figurative dustbin of history could make some progress this week.

State Rep. Jeff Jones’ coal ash bills — H.B. 387 and 388 — received their first and second readings in the state House of Representatives on Thursday and Friday after going into the House hopper Wednesday.

They were both assigned to the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee. While Jones isn’t on the committee, he said before the session that he has kept in close touch with committee chairwoman Lynn Smith. Also, fellow St. Simons Island Republican and freshman Rep. Don Hogan sits on the committee this year.

According to the General Assembly website, the bills have yet to be assigned to a subcommittee, but the Environmental Quality Subcommittee of NR&E meets today at 3 p.m. The only item on the agenda was further discussion of H.B. 271, the Shore Protection Act reform measure.


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