Cross Over Day

Crossover Day: The 28th day of the 40-day legislative 2017 session is the last day for bills to move from one chamber to the other — that is, to cross over — and still have a path of possibly becoming law in the current year’s session. Crossover Day is created by a Senate rule. In years past, Crossover Day has been day 30 of the session, so from session to session the actual date for Crossover Day can change.

For a bill to make crossover day means the bill was favorably passed out of one body’s committee, and was then voted favorably, or passed out of the full legislative body.

While parliamentary maneuvering can possibly keep a bill alive past Crossover Day, making it from one side of the Capitol (House to Senate, or vice versa) to the other by the end of Crossover Day makes final passage in the current session much more likely.

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