Delegations right about minimum wage


Brunswick News Editorial: Delegations right about minimum wage

Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2015 12:00 am

Members of the state delegations of Glynn and Camden counties say they are disinclined to support any movement in Atlanta during the 2016 session of the Georgia General Assembly to raise the minimum wage. Their arguments for not doing so are sound.

To begin with, minimum wage jobs are just that, minimum wage jobs. They are entry level at best and in many cases, the kind of work teenagers or someone wanting to pick up a few extra dollars would do. Most do not require a high level of skill and can be taught and learned rather quickly and easily.

There’s also the point brought out by Rep. Jeff Jones, R-St. Simons Island, a small business owner himself. Raise the minimum wage and business owners would have little recourse but to increase the cost of their products or services.

Take the wage up too much and suddenly customers begin thinning out, forcing the owner into a corner and having to thin out the ranks of employees.

Wage increases should be market-driven and based on skill level, education and attitude.

When proponents of pumping up the minimum wage speak of fairness, they should ask themselves just how fair is it to pay someone with just the basic of basic skills the same or close to the same as a college graduate, an individual who has studied hard and compiled thousands of dollars of debt for self-improvement.

The moral is, a person who wants to get ahead in this country should not be sitting around waiting for Congress or state legislators to double salaries with the introduction and passage of a new minimum wage law. That only yields more unmotivated, minimum skilled workers.

There are plenty of opportunities to improve one’s net worth in the workforce. In Glynn County, there’s high school, the Golden Isles Career Academy, Coastal Pines Technical College and College of Coastal Georgia — all just minutes away from most residences.

This is the way to go about improving one’s economic condition.

An educated and productive workforce is the proper way to do it and the only way that guarantees a strong community, state and nation.

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