Factory Man book signing with John Bassett


Pictured at Sweat's Furniture: Representative Elect Jeff Jones, John Bassett III and Ward Sweat (11.14.2014)

John Bassett III of the Vaughn-Bassett Furniture Company, Ward Sweat, and State Rep-Elect Jeff Jones, appeared at Sweat's Furniture, Brunswick, Georgia to promote the book "Factory Man".  The book details Mr. Bassett's successful efforts to combat the deportation of southern manufacturing jobs to China and other foreign countries.  Mr. Bassett's efforts saved his company, which employs over 700 craftsmen, benefiting Bassett, Virginia a manufacturing town.

Rep.-Elect Jeff Jones believes in the importance of rebuilding America's once proud manufacturing base, and has pledged to work hard to bring good-paying manufacturing jobs back to Georgia.

Tom Hanks and HBO have purchased the rights to the book "Factory Man" for an upcoming movie.

About Factory Man:

The instant New York Times bestseller about one man's battle to save hundreds of jobs by demonstrating the greatness of American business.

The Bassett Furniture Company was once the world's biggest wood furniture manufacturer. Run by the same powerful Virginia family for generations, it was also the center of life in Bassett, Virginia. But beginning in the 1980s, the first waves of Asian competition hit, and ultimately Bassett was forced to send its production overseas.

One man fought back: John Bassett III, a shrewd and determined third-generation factory man, now chairman of Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Co, which employs more than 700 Virginians and has sales of more than $90 million. In FACTORY MAN, Beth Macy brings to life Bassett's deeply personal furniture and family story, along with a host of characters from an industry that was as cutthroat as it was colorful. As she shows how he uses legal maneuvers, factory efficiencies, and sheer grit and cunning to save hundreds of jobs, she also reveals the truth about modern industry in America. Buy Factory Man

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