Georgia Oyster Mariculture Industry Objects to HB501/SB182

Lee Foskey picks wild oysters off the coast of McIntosh County. Credit: The Brunswick News

The Georgia Oyster Industry has spoken and now it is time for the Governor to VETO HB501, the bad Oyster Mariculture legislation. If the Governor allows this legislation to become law, it will hamper and stymie the growth of Georgia’s Oyster Mariculture industry – an industry that does not exist today. Industry producers and supporters strongly oppose HB501.

We have an opportunity to grow a small “wild oyster” industry into a multi-million-dollar “oyster mariculture” industry – but only if the Governor VETOs HB501, and then supports passing good, industry supported legislation such as HB565 in 2020.

Coastal Georgia trusts that Governor Kemp will keep his promise to "Put Georgians First"...

Sapelo Sea Farms - Townsend, GA 31331

Sapelo Sea Farms is the largest aquaculture clam farm in GA doing roughly 90% of all clam aquaculture along with some wild oyster harvest and other experimental work with shellfish.

"Sapelo Sea Farms does not support the current bills (HB501/SB182) under consideration. They do not take the industry to the level of production that is possible for GA to be a leader in oyster production, nor do the bills make shellfish any safer than they are now. The NSSP regulations along with the regulations and sanitation standards required by the Ag Dept. keep the public safety in the forefront..."

The Great Georgia Oyster Company - Macon, GA

The Great Georgia Oyster Company is a group of four veterans of three branches of the military. Joined together by the shared values that drove us to the service of our country, we were then brought together by our passion for veterans and for community, meeting in Middle Georgia through our volunteer work with small farms and agriculture nonprofits training and supporting veterans transitioning into second careers in agriculture.

"We bring opposition to HB501 and SB182 not because we oppose regulation and oversight of our industry. Quite the opposite is true. We know that the regulatory agencies are critical to the well-being of our customers and therefore the survival of our business and industry. But we want to have a bill that introduces the right kind of regulation, and establishes the right kind of relationship between regulators and industry, where we are all working together toward everyone's highest priority of product safety..."

*** Please encourage Governor Kemp to VETO HB501 call 800-436-7442 or Tweet  @GovKemp  #VetoOysterBill.***

Oyster Industry Producer Letters Opposing HB501/SB182

Good Shepard Letter Opposing

Sapelo Farms Letter Opposing

Kimball House Letter Opposing

Inland Seafood Letter Opposing

Great Georgia Oyster Company Letter Opposing

Rep. Jeff Jones (Brunswick) Letter Opposing

Comparing HB501/SB182 (DNR-CRD) to HB565 (Industry Supported)

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