Gov Kemp: Put "GEORGIANS First", VETO HB501, the "Bad Oyster Bill"

In the coming days, the Governor will need to act on HB501, the bad Oyster Mariculture legislation. If the Governor allows this legislation to become law, it will hamper and stymie the growth of Georgia’s Oyster Mariculture industry – an industry that does not exist today. Industry producers and supporters strongly oppose HB501.

We have an opportunity to grow a small “wild oyster” industry into a multi-million-dollar “oyster mariculture” industry – but only if the Governor VETOs on HB501, and then supports passing good, industry supported legislation such as HB565 in 2020.

A constituent, whose county will directly benefit with the passage of good Oyster Mariculture legislation, gets it:

“I am so upset that politics crushed your excellent reasons for not wanting the "oyster bills" passed as written. Your reasons seem so rational and important! I am not anywhere near an expert in this field, but this "new" industry needs to get it right the first time!!! 

Thank you, Jeff.

H. Langford - Darien, GA”

Google "Georgians First" and you are most likely to find something like this:

Coastal Georgia trusts that Governor Kemp will keep his promise to "Put Georgians First"...

Below is an Oyster Mariculture Legislation Comparison Chart comparing HB501/SB182, legislation opposed by the industry, to HB565, legislation supported by the industry.  The chart lists the key legislative areas that oyster mariculture supporters and producers have identified as being critical to growing Georgia’s Oyster Mariculture industry; the problems with HB501/SB182 as identified by the industry; and how the legislative needs are resolved by HB565 – the Georgia Mariculture Development Act.

Please encourage Governor Kemp to VETO HB501 call 800-436-7442 or Tweet  @GovKemp  #VetoOysterBill.


Jeff Jones


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