In The News: Coastal lawmaker tries to salvage marsh protections

Salvage.jpgThis siting of this jellyfish processing factory on the Sapelo River in 2014 shows the changes that could come if loopholes aren't closed in the current marsh buffer bill, environmentalists say. Photocourtesy Megan Desrosiers/ One Hundred Miles.

By Mary Landers

Worried that the current marsh buffer bill is too weak, Rep. Jeff Jones of Brunswick is gathering support for a substitute that would close its major loopholes.

On Friday, Jones emailed his fellow state representatives with his substitute for S.B. 101, the buffer bill introduced by Savannah Republican state Sen. Ben Watson.

“Many of us believe that S.B. 101, as presented, has too many broad exceptions and significantly hampers the Environmental Protection Division of the DNR’s ability to effectively and properly manage and protect Georgia’s coastal marshes,” Jones wrote to house members. “I’ve been working with (Rules Committee) Chairman (John) Meadows, other representatives and members of the environmental community, to craft a substitute bill that tightens up the broad exception language in the original S.B. 101 and effectively returns control and oversight of handling marsh buffer exceptions to the EPD.”

Coastal lawmaker tries to salvage marsh protections

Posted: March 21, 2015 - 11:22pm  |  Updated: March 23, 2015 - 8:39am

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Day 25: Invitation Resolution, College of Coastal Georgia Day at the Capitol


(Pictured: The student delegation from College of Coastal Georgia, Rep. Alex Atwood, Rep. Jeff Jones, Rep. Joe Wilkinson, Dr. Gregory Aloia, President College of Coastal Georgia, and Speaker David Ralston)

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Day 33: Maya Van Wagenen, Award-Winning Teen Author honored in the GA House


(Pictured: Teen Author Maya Van Wagenen, and Representative Jeff Jones)

Learn more about Maya Van Wagenen (Visit Website)

In The News: Who's 'Popular' now? Teen's memoir leads to movie deal (USA Today)

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Rep. Jones Appreciates Your Support


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Representative Jeff Jones, recognizes the Saint Simons Christian School

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Rep. Jeff Jones Recognizes the Long County Delegation [Video]

Representative Jeff Jones in a morning order before an open session of the Georgia State House, recognizes the Long County Delegation on February 9, 2015.

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Golden Isles Board of Realtors visits the state capitol


February 10, 2015 Pictured: Golden Isles Board of Realtors and Rep. Jeff Jones.

"It is great to receive words of support and encouragement from my friends, neighbors and supporters in Glynn County and the Golden Isles.  I appreciate seeing the familiar faces and having the opportunity to talk with the representatives from the Golden Isles Board of Realtors about their support of (HB 219), the "swimming pool" bill I sponsored that clarifies which non-public pools come under the jurisdiction of local boards of health. " - Representative Jeff Jones


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Tiny Town, Rep. Jones retells the Prodigal Son Parable


February 8, 2015 - Pictured: Rep. Jeff Jones reenacts the story of the Prodigal Son, also known as the Parable of the Lost Son for children and their parents at St. Simons Community Church.

The public is welcome and encouraged to bring their children, the second Sunday of each month. Please also feel free to RSVP via the events' calendar.

Scripture Reference:
Luke 15:11-32

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Youth Championship Equine Day at the State Capitol


Pictured with Representative Jones are; Amalia Hanly, Brooklyn Kapella, Madison Barlowe, and Myah Paige. Also attending the event: Ansley Simpson, Brooke Zell, Haley Wayne, and Skylar Moreles. Congratulations to all!

Representative Jeff Jones, Proudly Co-Sponsors HR-122 Recognizing February 3, 2015, as Youth Equine Championship Day at the Georgia State Capitol.

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Golden Isles Featured in the State’s 2015 Official Visitors Guide


On Monday, January 26, 2015, Representative Jeff Jones was honored to attend the Celebration of Georgia Tourism event in Atlanta. Thank you Scott McQuade, President and CEO of Golden Isles Convention and Visitors Bureau and to all the folks that work hard everyday to promote travel and tourism in Georgia. The Golden Isles will be featured in the State’s 2015 visitors guide.

To view the Golden Isles Virtual Visitor Guide online, click here

To view or order the Official 2015 Georgia Travel Guide online, click here

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