Youth Championship Equine Day at the State Capitol


Pictured with Representative Jones are; Amalia Hanly, Brooklyn Kapella, Madison Barlowe, and Myah Paige. Also attending the event: Ansley Simpson, Brooke Zell, Haley Wayne, and Skylar Moreles. Congratulations to all!

Representative Jeff Jones, Proudly Co-Sponsors HR-122 Recognizing February 3, 2015, as Youth Equine Championship Day at the Georgia State Capitol.

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Golden Isles Featured in the State’s 2015 Official Visitors Guide


On Monday, January 26, 2015, Representative Jeff Jones was honored to attend the Celebration of Georgia Tourism event in Atlanta. Thank you Scott McQuade, President and CEO of Golden Isles Convention and Visitors Bureau and to all the folks that work hard everyday to promote travel and tourism in Georgia. The Golden Isles will be featured in the State’s 2015 visitors guide.

To view the Golden Isles Virtual Visitor Guide online, click here

To view or order the Official 2015 Georgia Travel Guide online, click here

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Go Eagles! It is Georgia Southern Day at the State House


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GaGOP Get Involved 2015


This document is clickable.  Please distribute as you see fit via email, web sites, printed hand outs, etc. Our goal is to have as much participation as possible in this convention cycle to elect our GaGOP leadership.  If you need it in a different format or have trouble copying it, please let me know at [email protected]

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Factory Man book signing with John Bassett


Pictured at Sweat's Furniture: Representative Elect Jeff Jones, John Bassett III and Ward Sweat (11.14.2014)

John Bassett III of the Vaughn-Bassett Furniture Company, Ward Sweat, and State Rep-Elect Jeff Jones, appeared at Sweat's Furniture, Brunswick, Georgia to promote the book "Factory Man".  The book details Mr. Bassett's successful efforts to combat the deportation of southern manufacturing jobs to China and other foreign countries.  Mr. Bassett's efforts saved his company, which employs over 700 craftsmen, benefiting Bassett, Virginia a manufacturing town.

Rep.-Elect Jeff Jones believes in the importance of rebuilding America's once proud manufacturing base, and has pledged to work hard to bring good-paying manufacturing jobs back to Georgia.

Tom Hanks and HBO have purchased the rights to the book "Factory Man" for an upcoming movie.

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St. Simons Veterans Day Parade 2014, God bless our Vets!


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Korean War Veteran Jack Donald Campbell (Veterans Day 2014)


Pictured: Rear Admiral Charles A. Richard, Commander of Submarine Group 10, Kings Bay, GA. Korean War Veteran Jack Donald Campbell, a native of southeast Georgia who had a distinguished career of service to his country in the Air Force, and Representative-Elect Jeff Jones.

I am privileged and honored in so many ways to serve you in the Georgia State House, but nothing is quite more satisfying than spending time with the men and women who make the ultimate sacrifices insuring our freedoms. - Rep-Elect Jeff Jones

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In The News: St. Simons Island group weighs incorporation

“I personally have no objection to the incorporation of St. Simons, but my personal opinion is not the issue,” Jones said. “The issue for me is to listen to and then follow the will of the people in our community that will drive whether or not I support such a change. All three members of our local delegation agree that ‘local legislation’ issues must be thoroughly, openly and publicly vetted and discussed by the community.”


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Today is the last day to register to vote in the November 4th General Election.

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Jeff Attends The 5th Annual Georgia Legislative Policy Forum


Pictured: Former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, and Representative-Elect Jeff Jones. September 19, 2014

Topics Included:

  • Tearing Down the Wall to Education Opportunity and Choice
  • Tearing Down the Wall to Economic Growth
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall: The 25th Anniversary
  • Tearing Down the Wall Between Doctors and Patients

To learn more about the Georgia Legislative Policy Forum, please visit the foundation website:

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