Remembering 9/11


Pictured: Representative-Elect Jeff Jones, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, and Glynn County Sheriff Neal Jump.

Glynn County, with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, honoring and recognizing all of those who lost their lives 13 yrs ago in the terrorist attack on America, including the hundreds of First Responders, and recognized and honored all of the First Responders in Glynn and surrounding counties for the heroism they exhibit daily.


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Rep-Elect Jeff Jones updates the Brunswick Kiwanis Club


Pictured: Marie Bauer, Brunswick Kiwanis President; Rep-Elect Jeff Jones, and Shaw McVeigh, Program Chairman.

Rep-Elect Jeff Jones updates the Brunswick Kiwanis Club on his busy list of activities, meetings, seminars and networking efforts on behalf of District 167 constituents since the May 20, 2014 Primary.  Jeff is a "Founding Member" of the St. Simon's Kiwanis Club chapter.

The Kiwanis Club of Brunswick was chartered in August 1924. The club supports youth activities throughout Brunswick and Glynn County, and has done so for the past 85 years. The Boy's and Girl's Club of Southeast Georgia has been the Club's primary charitable project. The Boy's & Girl's Club recently added a new B&G Teen Club for youth between the ages of 13 & 18 yrs of age.


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Jeff and Lisa Visit Brant at VSU for Parent's Weekend


Great to see our son adapting so well to college life, further developing his independence and and maturing into a fine young man.  His mother and I are so proud of him.

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Over-flow crowd attends Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Membership Luncheon


Pictured: Rep-Elect Jeff Jones, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson and State Senator William Ligon.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson spoke frankly about the threat posed by ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group, and the dismal state of gridlock in the U.S. Senate led by Harry Reid. Senator Isakson spoke of the  prospects for Republicans to gain control of the U.S. Senate, and other serious issues facing our country, to the over-flow crowd at the Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Membership Luncheon. (September 4, 2014)

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One Busy Weekend Enjoyed!


Pictured left to right: Joe McDonough, Mike Maloy, Buddy Carter and Representative-Elect Jeff Jones.

Jeff meets up with Congressional candidate Buddy Carter and fellow conservatives Joe McDonough and Mike Maloy, this weekend at the Georgia Chamber legislative luncheon in Macon.

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Give Blood. Save Lives.


Pictured: Representative-Elect Jeff Jones and The Blood Alliance Staff, August 8th, 2014 at Express Lube & Car Wash, Brunswick, Georgia.

Learn more about The Blood Alliance here: 

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Thank You Joe!

Congratulate Ga. State Senator William Ligon for attacking waste in Ga. State Gov..Rep Jeff Jones is also joining Sen Ligon and hope that many other legislators around the country will join Sen Ligon and Jeff Jones to attack gov waste at state and federal level.We all know there is great waste in gov at all levels that need to be attacked.Wake up taxpayers.

Friend and learn more about Joe on Facebook:

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Sam's Wholesale Is Coming to Brunswick

Sams-Club-Logo-300x300.jpgAt a Chamber of Commerce press conference today a representative from Walmart announced that Sam's Wholesale is coming to Brunswick and will be open by the end of 2015 bringing over 140 full time jobs.  Great news for Glynn County!

~Jeff Jones

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Floridan Aquifer System Storage & Recovery

Floridan_aquifer_system.gifWater is Georgia's lifeblood. The State of GA is considering storing excess ground water in the Floridan aquifer. I urge extreme caution doing anything that may contaminate our pristine water supply. Be careful messing with Mother Nature!

~Jeff Jones

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2014 GA Forestry Association Annual Conference

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