A Letter From Martin Turbidy

Citizens for Good Government,

I have a friend who is one of Georgia's major political pundits. Now that Jeff Jones has joined our other two legislators in the Georgia General Assembly, my friend contends that “The Golden Isles” has more competent representation than any other part of the State. I cannot disagree with this.

Jeff did just what most first-term office seekers do. He spent more on his campaign than he took in through donations. He should not spend his own money to represent us. I hope you will join me in supporting Jeff by sending a check or attending and bringing a check to the fundraiser on Thursday October 22nd at the home of Brenda and Jack Kilgore.

In his first term, Jeff absolutely “hit the ground running." Among the many accomplishments in his initial term was the strengthening of the “Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Protection Act." Also referred to as the "Marsh Buffer Bill," it was critical for the protection of the environment along the coast.

Many thanks for your support for Jeff.

J. Martin Turbidy



 P.S... Please join us at one of our upcoming events in support of Representative Jones.

October 22 – Saint Simons Island (invitation above)
November 2 – McIntosh County (details coming soon)
November 5 – Long County (details coming soon)
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