ICYMI: AJC: New fee on wire transfers could raise $100 million

By Jeremy Redmon The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
9:51 a.m. Friday, Jan. 6, 2017
Simon Escobar counts Mexican pesos Saturday, March 3, 2001, in Mexico City after picking up his monthly $100 from his son, Manuel Escobar, in Los Angeles. The Central Bank of Mexico calculates that $6 billion arrives through banks or wire transfers each year from the United States, generally in batches of $200 or $300. (AP Photos/Marco Ugarte)

Legislation in Georgia that would charge a new fee for out-of-state money transfers — a service many immigrants and refugees use to support their families abroad — could raise an estimated $100 million in annual revenue for the state, the measure’s sponsor told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Filed by Republican state Rep. Jeff Jones of Brunswick, House Bill 12 would institute a $10 fee on transfers of $500 or less, and a 2 percent charge on those that exceed $500. Those who pay the fee could seek reimbursement each year when they file their state income tax returns. Businesses would be exempted.

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Rep. Jeff Jones Receives One Hundred Miles Civic Leader Award


Contact: Betsy Lynch
(404) 656-3996

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Reps. Debbie Buckner and Jeff Jones Receive One Hundred Miles 100 Civic Leader Awards

ATLANTA – State Representatives Debbie Buckner (D-Junction City) and Jeff Jones (R-Brunswick) recently received One Hundred Miles Civic Leader Awards.  The award honors elected and civic officials who, through their actions and voice, positively influence policies and conservation efforts along the Georgia coast.

“Georgians can be proud of the good job they have done protecting and preserving our 100 miles of coastline,” said Rep. Buckner. “Now we must be diligent and continue to build on those successes and hard work.”

“Protecting the natural beauty and important ecological value of our marshes is a top priority for me,” said Rep. Jones, whose district includes the coastal counties of Glynn and McIntosh. “I believe protecting our coastline, while still allowing citizens’ access is not mutually exclusive.  We need to work together to protect our precious 100 miles of coastline and marshes.”

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Press Release: Georgia’s Underground or Shadow Economy


September 23, 2016



Georgia’s Underground or Shadow Economy

Out-of-State Money Wire Transfer Fee bill

By State Representative Jeff Jones (R-Brunswick)


The United States has a massive underground economy – reportedly over $1 trillion. This economy, referred to as our cash economy, includes cash transactions by drug dealers, prostitution rings and workers paid in cash for their labor. Georgia is not immune to this issue. Our state loses millions of dollars of legitimate tax revenue as do other states and the federal government as a result of this problem.

The Out-of-State Money Wire Transfer Fee bill, which I will introduce during the 2017 legislative session, proposes that wire transfer companies shall collect a fully refundable fee on out-of-state wire transfers. To be clear, this fee is 100 percent reimbursable as a tax credit when an individual files their annual Georgia Income Tax, or when the individual provides the proper paperwork. The bill also proposes that the wire transfer companies will receive compensation, similar to the “vendor compensation” paid by the Department of Revenue to vendors for their sales tax collection and reporting efforts.

Businesses, such as banks, wire transfer companies and realtors, are explicitly and specifically exempted from the fee.

According to conservative, unofficial estimates, money wire transfer fee legislation could generate between $30 and $40 million in net revenue annually in the State of Georgia after eligible individuals receive their 100 percent fee reimbursement.



Representative Jeff Jones represents the citizens of District 167, which includes a portion of Glynn, and all of Long, and McIntosh counties. He was first elected into the House of Representatives in 2014, and currently serves on the Interstate Cooperation, Motor Vehicles, and Natural Resources & Environment committees.

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Veterans Honored

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Press Release: Rep. Jones never endorsed Dr. Peter Murphy


July 27, 2016
Contact: Jeffrey Sewell

Georgia State Representative Jeff Jones never endorsed Dr. Peter Murphy in his candidacy for Glynn County Commissioner

Brunswick, Georgia - Today we learned, that paid-staff working on behalf of now Commissioner-Elect Dr. Peter Murphy, created, distributed, and promoted fraudulent posts on Facebook, and may have sent other dishonest electronic communications designed to falsify an endorsement by Representative Jeff Jones of Dr. Peter Murphy.

To be very clear, Representative Jeff Jones never endorsed Dr. Peter Murphy period. If you feel that you may have received fraudulent communications via phone, email and or social media, we encourage you to forward and or share those communications with us at: http://www.votejeffjones.com/contact_us and or by calling us at 912-386-0428.

On behalf of Rep. Jones, Thank you and God bless.

With kind regards,
Jeffrey Sewell
Communications Director
Friends of Jeff Jones


Sourced Materials:

Brunswick Business Journal - July 27 –‘Dirty tricks’ allegations in newcomer Peter Murphy’s defeat of incumbent Dale Provenzano for District 2 County Commission seat

The Florida Times-Union - Brunswick pastor Kenneth Adkins tweets that (Orlando Pulse Club) homosexuals got 'what they deserve'

Bishop "Pastor" Kenneth Adkins - Facebook Page Post


Bishop "Pastor" Kenneth Adkins - Facebook Page Post and Live Facebook Video of Dr. Peter Murphy and celebration party


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Keep Georgia Beautiful

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More Details on the Free Exercise Protection Act

An Overview of “Free Exercise Protection Act” HB 757

HB 757 is a reaction to the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, and many may reasonably believe it presents a public relations issue for the state and its business community in terms of holding and attracting economic development, but in drilling down into the bill, very little is actually changed by it in Georgia in terms of the present rights of citizens.

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Legislative Update Week 10 - March 18, 2016

GAHouseSeal.pngBy Representative Jeff Jones

The House reconvened on Monday, March 14 for day 36 of the 2016 legislative session and an extremely busy week, as sine die (the 40th and final day of the 2016 session) is just days away. We had a busy legislative agenda this week, both on the House floor and in committee meetings as we continued to review, study and vote on legislation. With day 40 right around the corner, many more House and Senate bills received final passage this week and are now on their way to Governor Deal’s desk for consideration.

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Why I Voted ‘Yes’ to Campus Carry


Why I Voted ‘Yes’ to Campus Carry

By State Representative Jeff Jones (R-Brunswick)

              Without a doubt, this is a troubling time in America. Mass shootings have been happening with seemingly greater intensity. HB 859, the “campus carry” bill, sponsored by Rep. Rick Jasperse (R-Jasper), would permit 21 year old, licensed concealed carry permit holders to carry a concealed weapon on Georgia’s publicly funded college campuses, but not in dorms or at athletic events. The following is my publicly stated position on this very difficult issue.

            First, let me share some eye-opening statistics about deaths occurring as a result of mass shootings in America from the FBI:

  • 14.3  =  number of deaths, on average, in mass shootings when everyone in the victim group is unarmed.
  • 2.3  =  number of deaths, on average, in mass shootings when at least one person in the victim group is armed.
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Legislative Update Week 9, Mar 11, 2016



By Representative Jeff Jones

We kicked off the ninth week of the 2016 session on Monday, March 7 with legislative day 32. With Crossover Day behind us, the House has shifted much of its focus to considering Senate Bills and monitoring any changes made in the Senate to House Bills and vice versa. This week, we saw the first bills to receive final passage in the General Assembly. These bills, having passed both the House and Senate chambers, will go to Governor Deal for his consideration. The House is holding Committee Hearings on Senate passed bills; while the Senate is doing the same with House passed bills.  

Seasoned General Assembly watchers know this is a time when negotiations occur between the House and Senate Leadership as both bodies jockey bills for ultimate passage by both bodies. While the end of session is in sight, it will be a frenzied pace as a mountain of bills are processed through by the House and Senate as we approach day 40, the end of this session.

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