Public Library Day at the Capitol


On February 8, Brunswick-Glynn County Library Manager Lori Hull visited the State Capitol in Atlanta to represent our libraries at an event affectionately known as "Hot Dog Day." Public library staff from across Georgia serve our legislators Varsity hot dogs as we remind them about the important roles that libraries play in our communities. Pictured above, left to right, are State Librarian Julie Walker, State Representative Jeff Jones, and Lori Hull.

Rep. Jones is a strong supporter of Georgia Public Libraries and in particular the Glynn County Public Library.

"Unfortunately Rep. Hogan and I were unsuccessful in obtaining $2 million in state funding from the House Appropriations Committee that would have been used for a much needed $4 million renovation project for our local library," explained Rep. Jones.  "There is a possibility that the Senate may still appropriate the funds. And I want to give a big `Thank you` to the Glynn County Board of Commissioners for appropriating $1.5 million towards the project. We are fortunate that we have a vibrant, busy library in Glynn County."

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