Rep. Jeff Jones Proposes Coal Ash Legislation


Rep. Jeff Jones pledges to work to protect Georgia from potential coal ash disposal problems by sponsoring three pieces of coal-ash related legislation, to be introduced to the Georgia House of Representatives this session:

1. Water discharged from coal ash ponds must be at least as clean as water discharged from sewer treatment plants
2. Should a private water well be determined to be contaminated by coal ash pond storage, then responsible party shall be required to provide an alternate fresh water drinking source (not bottled water).
3. Codifying into GA code EPD's rules regarding coal ash with the addition that should a licensed municipal land fill agree to start accepting coal ash, and should such decision increase their acceptance of coal-ash by greater than 5%, then Major Modification rules kick in which among other things requires public hearings and formal notification to the impacted community.
To read more, download the One Hundred Miles Coal Ash Fact Sheet and share with your friends.

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