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Three mailers from Hodges in last two weeks

In the last two weeks I have received three mailers from Mike Hodges. Nothing received from you! Absentee ballot arrived yesterday. If you don't mail immediately you are going to miss the absentee voters, probably cost you the election

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Motor Vehicle Inspections

Jeff, You also live in or around Brunswick and probably see the many vehicles on our streets with burned out headlights (both), no taillights, broken windows, broken wipers, bald tires and on and on. They are very prevalent and likely dangerous to you and me. I read in Larry Hobbs Crime Watch column just about every week that drunks are driving unregistered cars, with no licenses. It is amazing what is going on on our streets and I believe they are going on all over the state. It seems to me that much of this is dangerous to those driving those cars AND the rest of us on the roads. How can we fix this and make our roads safer for all? I suggest that an annual, or even a semi annual, vehicle inspection be established in Georgia to insure, as far as reasonably can be done, resident vehicles on our roads are safe and that registrations, drivers licenses and insurance are up to date. Funds could be collected for this inspection and be used to generate a revenue stream that could provide effective drivers training, treatment for alcohol abusers driving on our roads and additional enforcement resources to help ensure these vehicles and drivers are safe for our roads or not driving at all, as appropriate. I would be pleased to work on this to help generate a draft bill for presentation to the State Legislature. There are many peripheral activities required to produce a bill I would be pleased as a citizen to support and or lead. Thanks for reading my concern.

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