The Results Are In On The Iran Nuclear Deal


By Congressman Buddy Carter

In case you missed it, the Obama Administration announced an agreement on the Iranian nuclear deal this week and I asked you to let me know your opinion.

An overwhelming 88.4% of respondents said they do not support the deal.

I agree that this is a bad deal for several reasons and it must be stopped.

First, the agreement does not meet Congressional standards. In March, I sent a letter with 368 Members of Congress to President Obama clearly stating that a deal must last for multiple decades and include full disclosure of Iran's past nuclear efforts. The deal does not accomplish either.

The agreement doesn't even meet the standards of President Obama's former advisors. Former Obama Administration officials released a letter just weeks ago expressing their concerns that the agreement will not prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapons capability. When President Obama's own advisors speak out against the deal, you know there is a problem.

The agreement would fall short of "anytime, anywhere" inspections. The deal establishes a bureaucratic process to allow inspectors access to suspected nuclear sites. With Iran's long history of blocking inspectors' access to hide its nuclear program, I don't see them changing now. Anytime, anywhere inspections are the only way to ensure that Iran is held accountable.

Under this agreement, Iran would not be required to dismantle key bomb making technology, is permitted to retain a vast enrichment capacity, will continue nuclear research and development and will have a nuclear program once this agreement begins to draw to an end in as little as a decade.

Additionally, Iran will receive as much as $150 billion in funds held abroad, and that's just the beginning. It's clear these increased economic incentives will not be use on the people of Iran. Instead, it will be used to grow Iran's arsenal and fund a new generation of terrorism against our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, and potentially here at home.

Now, Congress has sixty days to review this deal and I intend to use every minute to educate you on the ramifications it could have. The American people, through their elected representatives, must have the final say on this deal to ensure that the Iranian regime is held accountable and the threat of their nuclear program is eliminated. We cannot hand Iran an unabridged opportunity to increase its nuclear capabilities or reportedly remove the United Nations arms embargo while they work hand-in-hand with terrorist organizations.

In the end, no deal is better than a bad deal.

Buddy Carter

U.S. Representative

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