Why I’m Running for Georgia Senate

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Why I’m Running for Georgia Senate

Several months ago, when I launched my bid for the Georgia State Senate, I identified three critical issues facing Georgia – restoring election integrity (UNRESOLVED); banning Critical Race Theory (GA PASSED HB1084), and making Georgia a Constitutional Carry state (GA PASSED SB319).  While progress was made regarding a CRT ban and Constitutional Carry, much more work is needed to restore Election Integrity PLUS there are many more critical issues facing our state.

Serving the people of South East Georgia in the State House for three terms was the honor of my lifetime, and I'm ready to do it again as your next State Senator for Southeast Georgia.


Voter Integrity

It's no secret that there are many unresolved issues with the November 2020 election; we need to investigate and we need to investigate NOW. We need a 159 county Forensic Audit of the 2020 election.  Georgia voters deserve to know the truth!

Drop boxes, which never existed prior to 2020, are a documented source of 2020 voting corruption, and must be totally eliminated to stop fraudulent ballot-box stuffing.  We CAN and MUST improve on securing our sacred election systems.

When I'm elected to the State Senate, it will be one of my primary missions to ditch Dominion and return integrity to our elections. If we don't have true and fair elections, as voters, we’ve lost our only voice and ultimately, as Americans, we've lost our country.

Immigration Problems

Georgia’s huge illegal immigrant population, many who hold a Georgia Driver’s License that is virtually identical to that carried by legal citizens, is a threat to Georgia’s election integrity and puts unnecessary pressures on our state – schools, health care, and financially. When asked if the non-citizen license was acceptable to vote, a group of Election Supervisors said “Yes!”. This is a problem!

Georgia must block the forced-Federal expansion of our illegal immigration population and redesign the non-citizen Georgia Driver’s License, an effort I led during my prior service as State Representative.

State Income Tax and Controlling the Growth of State Government

I pledge to work on eliminating Georgia’s State Income Tax, controlling the growth of State Government and pushing back against Federal overreach into the everyday lives of Georgians.

Please always feel free to reach out to share your thoughts and opinions regarding legislative issues and concerns.

Email:   [email protected];
:   Facebook.com/jeffjonesga;

Jeff Jones,

Georgia Senate D3 Candidate

Former 3-Term State Representative HD167

139-358 Altama Connector

Brunswick, GA 31525    (912) 386-0428

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