Youth Championship Equine Day at the State Capitol


Pictured with Representative Jones are; Amalia Hanly, Brooklyn Kapella, Madison Barlowe, and Myah Paige. Also attending the event: Ansley Simpson, Brooke Zell, Haley Wayne, and Skylar Moreles. Congratulations to all!

Representative Jeff Jones, Proudly Co-Sponsors HR-122 Recognizing February 3, 2015, as Youth Equine Championship Day at the Georgia State Capitol.

House Resolution 122

By: Representatives McCall of the 33rd, Nimmer of the 178th, Roberts of the 155th, Rogers of the 10th, Jones of the 167th, and others




1 Recognizing February 3, 2015, as Youth Equine Championship Day at the state capitol; and

2 for other purposes.

3 WHEREAS, several young equestrians from Georgia have obtained great achievements and

4 displayed excellence during the past year; and

5 WHEREAS, through participation in various local equine programs, students have 6 represented their family, community, and state in displaying the highest level of discipline;

7 and 8 WHEREAS, these young men and women have competed on the local, regional, national,

9 and world level with their equine partners, reaching the highest level of distinction; and

10 WHEREAS, participation in equine programs provides youth with the opportunity to learn

11 and display responsibility and foster relationships with animals through care and respect; and

12 WHEREAS, these distinguished young Georgians serve as ambassadors for the State of

13 Georgia and the equine community during their many competitions and performances; and

14 WHEREAS, these stewards of Georgia agriculture and the animal kingdom serve as shining

15 examples to all of Georgia, and their many achievements are worthy of recognition by the

16 members of this body.


18 the members of this body recognize February 3, 2015, as Youth Equine Championship Day

19 at the state capitol.15 LC 107 0082 H. R. 122 - 2 -

20 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of Representatives is authorized

21 and directed to make appropriate copies of this resolution available for distribution to the

22 Georgia Agriculture Commission for Equine.

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